Monday, 26 March 2012

Why Science Fondant?

Before I start blogging about science and all the things I find interesting about it, let me explain you the concept and purpose of Science Fondant.

The word “fondant” means different things to different people but the one I am thinking about here is the French word that means melting and it has the same root as “foundry” in English.

So, how did it all started? When I was thinking about possible names for this blog I considered things that I both liked and that could also be catchy names and then suddenly the lightning struck! Chocolate Fondant - Science Fondant (my sweet tooth)!

As I told you yesterday, the purpose of this blog is to discuss interesting science discoveries whilst stripping down all the scientific terms and tons of data (all of those things we scientists think are really really interesting but I am sure that they are not at all interesting to the non-scientific community) and explaining them in a clear and simple way to the public.

The concept of the blog is to get rid of all of those extra pieces of information that surround the practical aspects of an important finding (what often makes it extremely hard to understand the aim of such studies), keeping only the core essential information, exactly in the same way I snap my awesome chocolate fondant desert reaching to the gooey melting core!

By doing so, I will (hopefully!) write about the practical side of science and it's experimental investigations. I will, in few words, summarise the relevant aspects of recent research breakthroughs, helping you making some sense out of science and it's achievements.

And, to finish...

Today I read an article about the importance of scientists to blog their research. I would like to add "and also blog about their fellow scientists research".
In my opinion, it is vital that we learn how to talk about each other’s work in clear and simple words so that the largest possible audience will perceive our achievements.

Let's give this a thought shall we?

Sunday, 25 March 2012

The First One!

Greetings all!

This is my first blog entry and let me start by telling you a bit about me and this blog.

I'm a scientist, working in cancer research.  I love science, the breakthroughs, and talking about it, especially to the lay public. 

I've been thinking about starting a blog for some time (actually it was one of my 2012 new year's resolutions) but I've postponed it until now.

I've always been told that I'm good at explaining my science so I'm going to give it a try and blog about different scientific endeavors and see how it goes.  

This blog will be an outlet for my love for science, general curiosity and passion for writing. 
As you might guess from it's name, "Science Fondant" will be basically about breaking down "tricky-hard sciency" concepts into simple and easy to understand ideas. It will cover the latest science discoveries in any field that interests me and any other news I might find interesting to talk about.

I hope you will find this blog interesting.